Blackbird Leys Choir
Enabling ordinary people to sing extraordinary music

In memoriam Eric Hall (1934–2022)

Join the Choir

Blackbird Leys Choir is a community choir, and seeks ordinary members of the community to join us. We sing together for the pure joy and fun of making music together — and hopefully giving pleasure to our listeners. We are very keen to welcome new members. Anyone can join — you do not necessarily have to live in Blackbird Leys, just so long as you can get to the rehearsals.

No previous musical experience is necessary and there are no formal auditions — all you need is a love of music and a desire to sing and make music with a cheerful, friendly group of people who like to have fun and give pleasure to others. A fair amount of our more difficult music is recorded on to learning CDs so that you can sing along at home (though this depends on our Librarian having enough free time to make the recordings). We generally do sing with sheet music, but there is no shame in not being able to read the individual notes; even those who can’t read music can often pick up the general shape of the line, and of course have the lyrics as a guide.

We meet on Monday evenings at the church hall adjoining Church of the Holy Family in Blackbird Leys. Just come along to a rehearsal, or contact us (see the Contact page for more details).

We currently ask for subs of £5 to £7 (at your discretion) per rehearsal to help with our running costs. We do not wish to exclude anyone on the basis of ability to pay, so please talk to us if you think this would cause you hardship.

Note: if you are used to the kind of choir in which everyone turns up and sight-reads the music, you may find our learning pace a little slow. However, we would welcome singers (particularly male voices) who could help their section learn the notes by singing their part confidently.

Last updated on 11 September 2023